Supporting Community Farmers & Local Food Entrepreneurs
in the Roaring Fork and North Fork Valleys

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What we do

Make 0% Loans:

  • The 2 Forks Club makes 0% interest loans to community farmers and local food entrepreneurs. 
  • Loan funds circulate. So when a loan is paid back, it goes back into our fund for future loans!
  • Loans are selected based on loanee's potential to make the greatest positive impact on our local food economy and a set of ethics established by loan selection committee
  • All loans are voted upon by members, and anyone that makes a donation to the club ($250 minimum / year, $150 for farmer/ teacher) becomes a member and can vote on loans.
  • Loans are selected annually


2Forks Club VIDEO...

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Our goal is to build a robust local food economy by giving community farmers and local food entrepreneurs a leg up.  

01. Educate our community!

Support several community initiatives per year that empower and support our farmers

02.Build our community!

Exceed 100 members that stand behind our farmers by 2020!

03.Fund The shift to local foods!

Have $1,000,000 in loans to community farmers and local food entrepreneurs by 2023.

04. Sustain!

Maintain our commitment to local farmers and food entrepenuers by growing our circulating loan fund every year!


“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation & perfection of human beings.”

| mAsanobu Fukuoka |

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  • The 2 Forks Club produces events, gatherings, and educational opportunities that drive our community towards food localization and mindful investments that nurture soil and bring money back down to earth.
  • Previous events include:
    • The Food Convergence (January 2016)
    • The Farm to Table FREE Community Meal 
    • Annual sponsorship of local farmers to national farmer events, rallies, and conventions 
    • Slow Money presentations
    • Local food talks
  • The 2 Forks Club subscribes to the Slow Money Principles. Learn more about them here:

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