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By Making 0% loans, we have supported local farmers and food entrepreneurs to grow their business

and therefore substantially increased the amount of local food available to our community! 

Previous loans

  • Zephyros Farm and Garden: $23,500 to purchase a refrigerated truck for delivery

  • Wild Mountain Seeds: $8,830 to purchase a walk behind tractor

  • 2 Roots Farms: $7,500 to purchase irrigation equipment and build a hoop house

  • Colorado Soil Systems: $15,000 to start a nursery and expand compost tea business

  • Dandelion Market: $10,000 to move business, purchase refrigeration, and increase stock

  • Wild Mountain Seeds: $20,000 to purchase a tractor

  • Farm Runners: $30,000 to purchase a delivery truck for local food delivery from North Fork Valley

  • Mountain Oven: $10,000 to build a kitchen and serve local, organic baked items to the Western Slope

  • 2 Roots Farms: $42,000 to move farm and purchase equipment to grow their business on open space land

  • Topp Fruits: $17,000 to diversify orchard, grow business, purchase equipment, and incorporate a sheep flock

  • Deer Tree Farm and Agroforest: $10,000 to build a wash station to grow their vegetable production business

  • Central Rocky Moutain Permaculture Institute: $25,000 to build a cabin for workers to continue their legacy

  • Soil Not Dirt: $45,000 to purchase equipment for more efficiently transporting healthy soil to farms and gardens

  • Zephyros Farm and Garden: $40,000 to purchase mechanized equipment to increase farmer effectiveness

  • Modern West Floral: $5,000 to increase local organic flower production

  • Gray Acres: $25,000 to build a processing facility for the region’s first local organic poultry operation

  • Forage Sisters: $12,000 to start a farm to table catering company




“2Forks Club shows how local changes make a global impact.”

Publication  |  April 2016

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Loans applications are due in December and selections are made in January. 



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